A CX-centered community of enterprises with common principles for both people and business.

Why we're here

OMP has three skills communities of like-minded enterprises that provide innovative and sustainable customer experience advice, services, and tools.

  • Research and Insight Community
  • CX Advisory Community
  • Technology Application community

Each enterprise has a common ethos of sustainability and will encourage behaviours of:

  • Individual accountability
  • Collective responsibility
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Accurate implementation


We come together because customer experience requires a multitude of skills and capabilities and because we can benefit each other and our clients from collaboration.

Join the community

Who's in the community?

Enterprises who join OMP have a set of common beliefs around ethos behaviour and services.

They also have something to do with customer experience but may approach it from very different positions. Not every enterprise will have a direct commercial relationship with OMP.

Some enterprises are a collaboration of people and teams, coming together under the OMP umbrella.

We want to become a centre of excellence of multi-disciplinary skills around customer experience. To do that we need to be a great place to be and provide connection, commercial and outcome benefits to everyone in the community.

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Customer Experience At the heart of everything we do is a focus on the experience of our clients customers. If we can assist in the sustainable improvement of this metric then everyone benefits.
Sustainability Everything we do is meant to have a lasting successful impact. We apply sustainability principles to our economics as well as our wellbeing objectives. Even a quick fix can be part of a sustainable strategy.
Advice & Education We provide advisory services and training to organisations to help them navigate through changing customer behaviours and consider the impact of transformation programmes.
Client Success Our work is judged by the success of our clients. So we have client success teams who are aligned to our clients objectives.
Enterprises An OMP enterprise is treated as part of a family but has to be individually sustainable. It has its own team but actively shares success and stories across the group.
Wellbeing Economics OMP enterprises are organised around the principle of success judged by creating the capabilities for people to lead the kinds of lives they value and have reason to value. This will include economic sustainability.
Services We provide development services to organisations to help them improve their customers experiences, often through digital transformation work.
Tools We build and deploy specialist CX-related tools that make the process of sustainably improving customer experience simpler and more affordable.