Research and Insight Community

Why we're here

To shine a bright light on the changing behaviour of people and organisations.

To apply rigour and innovation in applying data science to solve problems.

To imagine new ways of creating research studies that help decision making in the real world.

Research and Insight Clients

We work with organisations around the world on enhancing their ability to firstly understand and what drives better experiences for their customers, members, supporters and service users.

Our insight work has involved running a quarterly research programme to understand needs-driven behaviour in the outdoor retail sector to researching how pharmacists would like to be treated by a global pharmaceutical company.

We believe in it enough to have done it ourselves. We are running a 2 year study into the impact of the pandemic on economic and wellbeing status of individuals and their relationship to organisations.


oomph insight is in many instances a result of the partnership with, a leading international panel provider based in beautiful Northumberland with a great insight and analytics team that works closely with the oomph consultants and CX advisers. We also have our own Xii division, a research methodology using the Decision Juice platform and a proprietary wellbeing & economic status behaviour change model.

The Behaviour Change Impact Indicator

A research methodology using the Decision Juice platform that evaluates transformational society changes on behaviour change.

Visit site are a long-time partner of the OMP community. They have the most responsive and most comprehensive B2B and B2C respondent databases across the globe. And they are a joy to work with.

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