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Why we're here

To collaborate as coders, companies and platforms.

To build brilliant tools and solutions.

To improve the experience of service users.

Technology Application Clients

OMP cannot make recommendations for a comprehensive CX strategy without understanding how it could be implemented.

Our development work has ranged from a rebuild of a recommerce site for an International, now AIM listed, retailer, to creating a prototype application to help employees understand the processes of redundancy when impacted by the pandemic for a UK trade industry charity.

We have our preferences for the ost CX friendly application, but are driven by what works for our clients, mindful of both legacy and future thinking in what is left behind after a successful build.


Technology needs skilled, specific and experienced practitioners to make it work in this community, as well as OMP owned research platform, Decision Juice, Carbon Six Digital provides specialist development and infrastructure services that complement the OMP CX services.

Decision Juice

We know the industry needs to connected qual and quant. So we built A massqual research platform that builds qual/quant insight at scale in days.

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Carbon Six Digital

Carbon Six Digital continuously improves Customer Experience through the use of best of breed marketing technology like Umbraco and Hubspot.

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